• Garrison Medical Library established in Halifax in 1817: With 501 books, 18 medical and surgical periodicals


    By Dr. Allan Marble

    While carrying out research in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, I came across A Catalogue of the Halifax Garrison Medical Library, dated 1846. The cover page of the catalogue indicates the library was estab­lished in 1817. It had been my belief char the only medical libraries in Halifax prior to 1868 were the personal libraries of the physicians and surgeons practicing there. The existence of the Garrison Medical Library altered my opinion as to the availability of medical literature since it was both extensive and current in its holdings.

  • PAPER CHASE: The daybooks and ledgers of Dr. George Buckley return to Nova Scotia


    By Dr. Allan Marble

    It took two years and thousands of dollars, but a significant collection of medical records has made its way back to the province. Covering almost 70 years of Dr. George Buckley's medical practice in Guysborough, N.S., the doctor's daybooks and ledgers - now housed at the Nova Scotia Archives - are an invaluable resource for anyone who wants co learn about what it was like to practice medicine in rural Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.