We proudly present these medical history displays for your viewing interest. Please click on the video. From the research of Dr. Marble.



Display on Dr. Harold Scammell, Hector Centre, Pictou, NS, 2015.

"I went back the day after the book launch to spend a quiet time looking at all the pictures and documents. Leave it to dad to name all the classmates in his class picture! I recognized a number of doctors that I met years ago: Jim Sutherland was dad’s best man at his wedding:

Dr Harry O’Brian and Marion were good friends of mom and dad. I still have a letter that Dr Sid Guilcrest (sp?) wrote to dad from Angola."

Pictures rich in memory.

"Thank you for all the care and interest you gave to make the display happen. I loved dad very much and to revisit his life in this way meant so much to me."

– Helen Scammell

Display at the Medical History Hall of Fame 2013 of Dr. Marie Elwood

"A large academic meeting is planned for Halifax – some 500 delegates are expected, and the conveners write to me, saying they would like to set up a table to honour the memory of my dear wife. They ask for my concurrence, which was readily granted, and for maybe a dozen artefacts that would highlight her starry career. Dr Marie Elwood, ONS, had worked on the transformation of Sherbrooke as a Museum Village, by setting up The Doctor’s House as it had been in 1900; had re-designed, at the Mayor’s request, the Coat-of-Arms of Halifax – now proudly displayed on our City flag; made many contributions of cultural history of the Province and of Canada, and had been honoured by the Province with the Order of NS. Marie had worked with the architect on the design of the Entrance of its new Library to include a display of a unique ceramic collection over 100 years old, and was honoured by King’s College Halifax with an honorary doctorate. What a generous thing for a committee to do! -and no trouble or expense was spared. A table was set up displaying the artefacts; photographs were expensively framed, and objects neatly displayed. A highlight was a large pink silk-coloured banner draped across the table with Marie’s name in impressive calligraphy clearly displayed. As the delegates filed past I proudly stood and answered their many questions. Besides, our son and his family were mightily impressed with the splendid table the committee had set up."

– Neville Elwood